10 Most Weird Animals on the Earth


Housefly, mosquito, butterfly, goat cow, lion, tiger, shark, dolphin likewise there are so many creatures.

Researchers are researching for many years on how many types of creatures are there all over the world?

Only in 2011,they came up with an approximate number of species living all over the world.

That is there are 87 lakh species of creatures living on Earth. Out of this, we have identified about 12 lakh species of creatures so far.

We have found creatures around 14% only so far, still, there are 86% to find out.

We haven't found out creatures,that are living in amazon forests & deep under the sea creatures.

To find this out fully, we may require another 1000 years.

Ok let those researchers do their job.

Now we are about to know about some weird creatures that are living.

#10 Amphibian

"Axolotl" looks weird & is an amphibian that lives both on land and water.

These amphibians use their gills in water and use lungs, when on the land.

Even though it is an amphibian, this organism stays in water most of the time.

It grows to a length of 9 inches & is found mostly in Mexican Ponds.

It has a property of regeneration similar to starfishes.

It's body makes us a confusion that whether it is a amphibian or not.

And its mouth when seen from front side looks as if it is smiling.

#09 Glass Frogs.

It is lime green in color with its stomach portion being transparent.

We can see the heart & other organs through the transparent skin.

Female frogs lay eggs & male frogs hatch them.

Glass frog's life span is about 14 years & its length is 1 inch.

This frog can jump to a distance of 10 feet.

#08 Lyrebird.

This bird is found only in Australia.

This bird is known as an imitating bird & does mimicry.

It can imitate any sound it hears.

It mimics the sounds of monkeys,cuckoos, & other birds.

It also mimics the sounds of vehicles, lumbersaw, siren, car sound, whistle, mobile ringtones, clicking sound, baby cry.

Even it imitate human sounds.

If it sings a song it can contain up to 20 organisms' sounds.

It alerts & signals to its herd by mimicking the enemy's sound (Lyrebird mimicking).

Not only it is singing beautifully but its tail feathers are also beautiful.

It dances with feathers opened to attract its partner for mating.

(Lyrebird dancing & attracting its partner)

#07 Leafy Sea Dragon.

It is found mostly in Southern & Western parts of Australia.

It cant be spotted easily as it will be hiding with the plants.

These organisms come under the family of sea horses.

It looks completely like a leaf.

It protects itself by hiding within plants like a leaf from its predators.

Predators for these creatures are not marine organisms but Humans.

Yes, Sea divers of Australia take them as they are so beautiful & started to grow in their homes.

So after that Australian government has started to protect this species.

We can't spot it easily, it can only be seen by its movement & with its eyes.

So only we cant calculate its total numbers so far.

#06 Pacu Fish.

You may have heard of Piranha fish in movies.

This Pacu fish comes under the family of Piranha fish.

Many people have feared catching Pacu fish thinking that it is Piranha fish.

This Pacu fish grows so fast, that within 2 weeks it grows for about 3 feet.

The weirdness of this creature is its teeth.

Pacu fish's teeth look similar to the teeth of human beings.

No fish in the sea has teeth similar to that of human,why this is because this fish eats hard nuts, seeds, etc as food.

It looks as if a tooth set of humans is placed inside the mouth of fish.

#05 Sparklemuffin

which is a type of spider.

It is also known as peacock spiders.

Because it has feathers like a peacock & it dances too opening it.

It is only half an inch in length.

But it can jump to a distance of 50 times its size.

It is a type of jumping spider.

After being attracted by the female spiders for mating.,

In some cases, once the mating process gets over,the male spiders are being killed & eaten by female spiders.

#04 Blobfish 

Which is being voted as one of the ugliest creatures in 2013.

Unlike humans having 70% water in us,

this fish has 99% of water content in it & doesn't have a swimming bladder.

It doesnt have any bones & grows upto 12 inches.

This fish is not ugly as it lives under the sea at a depth of 4000 feet.

At that depth & pressure, it looks absolutely normal,

but when we take it and come to ground level, pressure difference makes it to look so weird.

Why bring a fish to ground level & vote it as the ugliest one ?

Beauty & ugly differs from everyone's perspective.

In my perspective, this fish is so beautiful.

#03 Brazilian Treehoppers.

It is only 5 millimetre long & it is also called "alien bug".

It has a helicopter shaped antenna.

It has sharp eyes.

This insect comes under the family of mosquitoes.

This treehopper too makes a hole & sucks blood.

It looks weird especially that helicopter antenna,

it is both cute & weird at the same time.

#02 Poodle Moth.

We already know that Poodle is a type of dog which has more hair.

A moth is a type of butterfly & there are many types of moths.

Approximately there are 1,66,000 types of moths living in this world.

Out of which this poodle moth is also a type.

This is being found only in 2009, before that it was not known.

It was found by a zoologist when he was taking photographs of insects.

& then it was named poodle moth.

Mostly, mammals have fur in their body to keep their blood warm.

But these insects are cold-blooded, & we don't know why they have so much fur.

It has 4 wings & all of them are covered with fur & Its antenna looks like a brush.

It has 6 legs.

It won't fly much using its wings, it mostly crawls like a silkworm.

Though it was found in 2009, many still don't believe that this insect doesn't exist.

Really this insect does exist.

Blacky eyes, brush-shaped antennas, furry wings, it's so interestingly weird.

#01 Platypus 

Which is so weird organism in the world.

Why because mammals give birth & feed with milk, & other organisms lay eggs.

But this platypus lay eggs & feed its offsprings with milk.

Only 4 species do this type of reproduction & feeding mechanism.

Its body looks like an otter, its mouth & legs look like a duck.

Most importantly it doesnt have any stomach.

Its mouth is directly connected to the intestine.

In 1798, when a European told about this organism,

people said that it is a hoax & no one believed it for several years.

After seeing it in their real eyes people started to believe them.

Like reptiles its poisonous, like birds it lays eggs, like mammals, it feeds its young ones with milk,

On the whole, it is a weird mixture of various creatures.

Ok, now we have seen 10 weird creatures so far, now a bonus creature,

#11 blue-footed booby.

It is a type of a marine bird like a penguin & is found in the Eastern Pacific ocean.

Its speciality is its blue coloured legs.

Why its legs are blue in color is because of its diet.

The more the blue color in the legs, the more healthy is the bird.

This bird also dances so well to attract females.

After selecting the potential male bird, the female bird dances along with its partner.

Ok, Out of these 11 organisms which one do you think is so weird, Comment them.

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